Europe: Burnout is a common problem for young oncologists too

Also caregivers are exposted to burnout.

More than 70% of young cancer specialists in Europe suffer symptoms of burnout. This is the result of a large survey run by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). The survey reveals that rates of burnout vary across Europe. They are highest in central Europe and lowest in Northern Europe including the UK. Higher risk is developed by those with poor work/life balance and inadequate vacation time. Also personal factors like not being in a relationship, living alone and not having children are risk factors

Also according to ESMO achieving a good work/life balance is vital!

Source: ecancer news

Switzerland: Research on burnout

The department innovation and research in educational systems of SUPSI - scuola universitaria professional della Svizzera Italiana - is running the project "working at school - conditions for teachers' well-being". The objective of the project is first to investigate the different forms of burnout among teachers coming from all orders of schools in the canton Ticino and then conceive viable solutions. The project is organised in three steps: (a) focusing the problem, (b) mapping and (c)  data collection and analysis. The person in charge is Luciana Castelli.

German Study on Burnout of Teachers

A recent study of the German "Aktionstar Bildung" on burnout of teachers showed alarming results: 30% of the surveyed teachers suffered from mental problems. The sick days almost doubled from 2000 to 2013.

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Psycho-social sources of stress and burnout in schools: research on a sample of Italian teachers

Two Italian researchers, Maria Luisa Pedditzi and Marcello Nonnis, conducted a study with 882 teachers from the cities of Rome, Bari, Cagliari and Sassari. Their aim was to find out sources that are more able to predict the occurence of burnout. The study highlights that depersonalization is what most often affects the quality of both the teacher-student relationship and the teaching-learning process.

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